Tourelo Performance Sailing Gloves

by Tourelo Brands February 04, 2016

Tourelo Performance Sailing Gloves

A New Level In Performance Gloves

Whether as an occasional hobby, or as a competitive sport, in sailing, you must have the right set of equipment, skills, and of course safety gear.

Regardless of the sport and its physical demands, safety should always be paramount. One of the best ways to help assure your safety is with the right grip. As you move fast and furious across the deck, maintaining a reliable grip is essential, and the best way to maintain that is with the right pair of performance sailing gloves from Tourelo.

Finding the perfect pair of sailing gloves is a challenge. You need the right balance between quality and construction, durability and protection, while remaining flexible and comfortable. The wrong gloves can ruin your safe sailing experience. The right pair of high performance sailing gloves will not only protect against possible injury, but will also help avoid fatigue and the loss of grip

Many sailors mainly consider the glove's material and the style. Tourelo goes far beyond the basics to deliver a superior quality leather or synthetic glove that will help provide a secure and reliable barrier. Whether rails or ropes, Tourelo's superior grip provides stability, while thermally protecting you hands.

Sailing Is Not The Same As Working In A Garage

Work gloves are not designed for use aboard your boat! They are designed for different requirements, for holding tools in high impact environments, with little regard for long use comfort and thermal protection.

Tourelo Performance Sailing Gloves are purpose-designed for sailors!

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